What am I writing?

The book I ended up deciding to write is a young adult dystopian novel. It will be a trilogy. You know because its never been done before and I wanted to be the first 😉 Right.

I am going to throw this out there. Even though it sounds cliche and made up even to me. But the book originated from a dream. I know. I know. In my defense. At the time of said dream I was pregnant. I have vivid dreams anyways. Nothing compared to pregnant vivid dreams. So there is that. Also, only two of the scenes originated from a dreams. The overall plot line developed from various different inspiration sources.

One day (hopefully soon) I will put together a synopsis. Though I think the idea of having to write a synopsis scares me more than writing the entire book. So much pressure. So few words. How much is too much information? Not enough? The list goes on…. but it will need to be done. So done it will be.


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