Oh, what I never mentioned I was writing a book?

I kinda just jumped in with the whole “I set a publishing deadline thing” without ever really introducing that I do in fact write. Don’t feel bad. There are people that I have known for my entire life years who still don’t know I write or aspire to be a writer. I hide it well.

Fear of failure probably. Or writing something truly horrible. There is something very personal about putting an entire novel out there with your name on it. I have considered going the pen name route. I like my privacy/anonymity…. so I can’t say the idea hasn’t appealed to me. But I’ve also read up on it and it sounds… complicated. And really, even with a pen name, if someone wants to figure out who you are. They will and can. Welcome to the internet age.

Anyways, back to the original topic. Yes I write. Yes I am hoping to publish a book. And once I actually publish a book and my name is on it… everyone will know anyways.




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