She spent how much?

I find this article about Meredith Wild to be absolutely fascinating. All because of these three sentences.

Before the book was even released, she began buying online ads targeting erotic romance readers. Her husband took out 10 credit cards and a personal loan to pay for advertising. They borrowed $70,000 from Mr. Grishman, a former banker who is Ms. Wild’s brother-in-law.” -NY Times

The entire article is interesting, and in my opinion, worth a read… but it was those three sentences that drew my attention in particular. To the point where I was still thinking about them three days later. I had already lost the article link, so it took some creative google searching to relocate it.

10 credit cards, and a 70k loan. That is a lot of money to gamble on a first time book. In fact, thats a lot of money to gamble on anything. It paid off in this case, but it is still something I don’t think I could ever do. I also don’t think I could or would want to write in that genre, but thats a completely different topic.

Advertising and marketing was an area of writing I had never even considered until lately. The very idea of actually finishing a book has always seemed like enough, and really to me, still does. There is so much to learn just about the art of writing, the process, the tricks and the trade. I’m not sure I have it in me to learn a whole other process about marketing as well. That and I’m not sure it would feel real. It’s just different, people naturally discovering a book and liking it vs. buying it only because of an advertisement.

Maybe if I actually get a book out there and it just does nothing, I will reconsider. Visibility is a huge part of publishing. The greatest book in the world could sit unread only because no one knew it was there. Still, not willing to incur a massive amount of debt to get there. I am having a hard enough time justifying the cost to hire someone for cover design and editing. The idea of paying for advertising isn’t even on the table.



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