Pro Writing Aid.

HOW did I not already know about this?!?

It was the same thing with Scrivener, I felt like I discovered that program years after I should have. Considering how much it revolutionized my writing process (quicker, faster, more motivated)… I really wish I had discovered it earlier.

I actually found out about Pro Writing Aid because of Scrivener… and kboards, the indie author forum I am currently stalking. The timing couldn’t have been better since I have been stressing about editing for the past month or so. Mainly because of the cost.

Now, I am NOT going to suggest that a software program can in any way replace quality editing by a person. I am pretty sure it can’t. However, in my particular case, being a first time publishee, I am having a hard time justifying dropping a few hundred dollars on a book that might never earn me a dine. In short this isn’t something I am willing to go into the red for. Or at least significantly into the red.

At the very least I will feel more confident about the product I am eventually going to hit publish on. Or if I do end up taking the plunge and hiring a professional editor, I am sure that they will be grateful that there will be that many less mistakes for them to deal with 🙂


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