The word obsession I didn’t know I had.

As discussed, I recently purchased Pro Writing Aid program (still amazed that I had never heard of this before). Anyways. So far I have only started working on my first chapter. Now, I would have thought that by now that my first chapter would have been nearly perfect, seeing as I had already re-written it nearly a million times (I had a chapter 3 roadblock there for awhile). Really, it was actually pretty decent, all things considered. But, it did highlight a few things I would never have thought of (clearly, because in my several passes of drafting so far I completely missed them).

  1. I apparently LOVE adverbs. Which in the world of writing is apparently a bad thing.
  2. I repeat the work “barely” so. many. times.

Seriously, who knew. I didn’t even realize that I used the word barely very often. At least I don’t think I do. Who knows, maybe in real life I am using it in every other sentence and people are secretly rolling their eyes. Though if I had to guess, I would say that I usually over use the word literally, not barely.

Not only is this information useful during editing, but I am sure it will also be very useful as I write future novels. Way easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix one, no matter how minor it might be.


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