I think everyone (or at least every author or wannabe author) secretly hopes that they will write a best selling novel that makes millions of dollars, wins a movie deal, and makes them famous. I mean that is the dream right?

Kinda, sorta. While the positive sides of all of the above are appealing (and I won’t pretend that I’ve never considered it before). The consequences scare me. Not necessarily the millions of dollars or the movie deal. It’s the being famous part.

I like my privacy. I like being to some degree anonymous. In my every day life I tend to make it my goal to stay out of random videos, posts, or really anything that easily identifies me.

Even without becoming famous, simply publishing a book in general is all so very public. It is in so many ways a small piece of your being, put down into words, out there for the world to see and more importantly to judge. It tells people so much about you. What you think about. What you dream about. The people you like and don’t like.

The process of writing is so quiet, and introverted. Possibly not for everyone, but I am not a social writer. The post writing process however, requires beta readers, editors, and marketing. All very extroverted activities. Personally I am hoping that I can just hit that publish button, and people will just start randomly stumbling across my book. I can be one of those elusive authors no one ever sees or really hears from. This is exceedingly unlikely, and not in any way realistic…. but it would still be nice.


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