Staying motivated.

Some days I come home and just want to do… nothing. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to clean. I don’t want to even think. Some things need to be done whether I want to or not. Writing is not one of those things. For me, it is not a need, it is a want. A hobby of sorts. Extracurricular.

Lately, life has seemed a little more stressful than usual (which is saying something). So squeezing in time to write is sometimes last on the list. Which would be fine, except DUN DUN DUN… I set a deadline. Yep, even self-imposed, non binding deadlines stress me out. So how to stay motivated (or in this case increase my motivation because honestly, it’s been slacking).

  1. Read motivational author stories: You know the ones where they haphazardly wrote a book and it became an overnight success? Yeah those ones. I don’t even care if they are true.
  2. Watch a movie or show in the general genre of my writing.
  3. Read a book: I find a good book to be motivating, something to strive for… while a bad book is just at motivations (I know I can write better than this).
  4. Podcast a sermon or other motivational topic: One of my go to things-For me music can be distracting, but hearing someone speak, I can get into a zone and write.
  5. Read the news: There are some crazy stories out there, and some of them would make really good, crazy stories.
  6. Author forums or author blogs: Sometimes its good to read the experiences/questions/general info other writers are throwing out there.

So those are my general go-to’s. I wish I could tell you they had been working lately… they have, I guess. Just not as well as I would normally expect. There is just something about editing, I expected it to be the easy part. Nope, it’s not. Not at all. Now if it weren’t for that deadline…


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