Things I wish I knew before writing my first draft.

When I first started writing, the idea of actually finishing an entire first draft seemed a little like climbing Mr. Everest. One of those things you might think of doing, but you secretly know you never will. I honestly wasn’t sure I ever would finish a first draft, so when I did. I was pretty much just relieved.

Then the editing started. And stopped. And started… and you get the idea. Editing is not my favorite. At least not editing a first draft. It’s been a much longer and more involved process than I had first envisioned. To make it a tad bit easier on myself there are a few things I wish I had considered or done from the beginning.

  1. Written off of an outline: Yeah, the age old debate of pantser vs. plotter aside. Having an outline would have likely saved me from a few sections of massive revisions.
  2. Consciously avoided “ly” words: I really had no idea this was such a faux pas. They don’t bother me (which is probably why I use them so liberally).
  3. Brushed up on proper formatting: Dialogue, oh, the dialogue. I still need to go back through and pick out each dialogue statement and format it correctly. Can you tell how much I am looking forward to it?
  4. Passive voice: Actually I knew this. It’s always been something I have struggled with. I honestly just don’t get the big deal. BUT other people do, and so. It’s better to avoid it. I took the just get the words down on paper-passive or active voice. So now I’m having to go back through and edit out the passive.

These are my primary ones. I am sure there are others that would have helped but I think with just these alone my editing work would have been significantly cut down. Next time right? Next time.


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