Figuring out the cover.

The cover has been a bit of a conundrum for me. I went in with a very specific picture in mind, and then couldn’t find anything that even semi-closely resembled it. Checked the stock photo sites, checked the pre-made cover sites… and nothing.

While I could pay for a custom cover. I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s not that I don’t think it could be worth it. It most likely probably is, it’s just that custom covers are expensive. I am not willing to go into the red for this at this time.

I did briefly consider trying to hire a “model” and setting up specific photos myself to make a cover. I have decent photography and photoshop skills. The one thing I don’t have is red, curly hair. Hence the model.

Then one day, while randomly browsing shutterstock. I found a photo. Nothing like what I had initially envisioned. Couldn’t be further from it if I tried. It is a picture of a flower. More of an abstract picture of a flower. But a flower nonetheless. I love it.

Do people even read books with flowers on the cover though? Particularly since I am writing a young adult dystopian novel. I am just not sure a flower screams YA dystopian. The symbolism is there. It does tie into the book.

For me covers have a huge impact on whether or not I will pick the book. They are that important. I know I could always change it later, and based on that alone I am seriously considering the flower approach. I am just not 100% sold. Thank goodness there is still time.

Would you or would you not read a book with just a flower on the cover? (within the YA dystopian genre)


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