Would you read this book?

Based on this rough draft synopsis?

Set in the future where countries no longer exist and corporations rule; Lily and her family have been forced out of the comfortable life they once enjoyed into the unclaimed districts of the unemployed. Lily and her family had already lost everything. Now they are about to lose Mother as well. Time was running out and all available options had been exhausted…

Except one.

A job in a corporation would pull Lily and her family out of the dirt and grime and into a life of comfort and safety with food, shelter, water, and most importantly medical care. Getting a job would not be easy. It would require defying Father and turning her back on the one unifying principle of the district: that the corporations are corrupt and evil.Fail and she might never see her family again. Succeed and everything will be back to where it always should have been.

The path would be difficult enough but Father, unwilling to make the difficult choices himself, stands in the way. Without explanation or remorse he injects Lily with an unknown substance. When there are no immediate effects the worry begins to fade. However, once she starts experiencing vividly realistic dreams, she begins to wonder about everything she ever thought she knew.

With everything she has ever wished for or wanted just out of her grasp, does Lily have it in her to do what it takes to get it? Or will she find that what she wants isn’t really as great as what she once thought it was?

*I plan on subbing out the word “district” so far the contenders are..

  • Sector
  • Ward
  • Parish
  • Parcel
  • Precinct
  • Borough

So, for my five daily readers… any thoughts? Is this a book you would read?




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