Riding the wave.

Every so often I just stop writing. Cold turkey. I will go a couple of weeks to a month without writing a single word. Generally this is not by choice. I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s writers block, though it might be. It more seems as though I will hit a particular plot road block and need awhile to work through it.

Lately (two weeks ago) I hit one of those plot roadblocks. I just had no idea what to say next. My book has three primary settings… and two of those settings were insanely easy for me to write. I could visual the exact surroundings, the characters basically wrote themselves, I knew exactly what was going to happen next. This last section, not so much. I have fought for every single word. Saturday night I finally powered through and wrote a whole paragraph. Though it might not seem like a lot. It is. It is a transitional paragraph that finally got me to a part of the book that I am excited about. This is big. I’ve learned that once I hit those points to just write write write and try to keep up the momentum. Usually then I can keep up the momentum through some of the slower sections at least.

The weekend was pretty productive not only did I get back to writing I also finalized the titles for all three books and re-named the series (the name I wanted was already in use). Normally titles are easy for me. Generally I write from the beginning with one in mind. Not this time. Not at all. 4 hours of googling random words and scrolling through the thesaurus I finally had it. For me it is a huge relief having that completed. Just one less thing hanging over my head as I quickly approach this deadline.


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