Sprint your way to success.

I will be the first one to say I was skeptical. I didn’t think it would work. At least not for me. Recently I have been stalking Kboards. One thread in particular kept cropping up. Something along the lines of writing a good book in 21 days. At first I primarily ignored the thread. I have no intention on writing a book in 21 days. I am lucky to write one in 21 years months. But eventually I caved and in what was probably a moment of extreme procrastination not only did I read the thread I also clicked the link to the associating podcast. I don’t podcast people. Ever.

Anyways if you are so inclined here is the associated website. Also, here is the associated book that he actually wrote/edited/whatever in 21 days. Since I have such a strong following and all 🙂 I haven’t read it. I don’t actually plan on reading it. So I can’t actually tell you if it’s any good or not. What I did read on the other hand was his book 5,000 words per hour… which was free in exchange for signing up for his email distribution list. What can I say I am a sucker for free stuff. It’s not an overly long book. I read it in less than an hour. But it is a decent and very direct book. I even took it a step further and downloaded his 5,000 WPH app. I know. Crazy.

Back to the original point. The book is all about writing fast and writing sprints. The idea being you write a lot of words very quickly in a short period of time. Quantity over quality… and eventually quality will catch up. I am okay with this, because honestly, even when I write slow… sometimes it sucks. I would rather have it suck in less time than wasting a ton of time. So tonight after spending my usually amount of time procrastinating and then a solid amount of time debating with myself if I should just go to bed since I am positive I could be getting sick… I decided to try it out. What could two minutes hurt right? Start small, thats my motto. So I did the two minutes and came up with a whole whopping 43 words. I mock, but in all seriousness… sometimes thats more words than I write in a week. So I did it again. Two minutes… 100 words. Now thats what I call progress. Again for three minutes… 192 words. And that my friends is when I got overly excited and knew I had to write a blog post immediately about it so you could all know. This is only partly joking. It’s easier to write blog posts about something fresh than forcing a topic. However, in summary. It works (as far as I can tell from my 7 min experiment anyways) and it is something that I plan on continuing.

After I master writing crazy fast I plan on mastering the art of the dragon. Aka dragon speak. Which I own and have tried and have yet to be successful with. In the semi near future I anticipate that I will have a ton of down time with full hands. Bad writing combination… so speech writing will need to be conquered. Stay tuned.


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