If I won the lottery.

I put writing a best selling book right up there with winning the lottery. One of those things I really hope happens, but also one of those things that I know is highly unlikely to ever happen…. but I keep writing and buying lottery tickets just in case.

One of my favorite non-productive pastimes is to map out exactly what I would do if either one were to happen. I’m not even sure if I would actually do these things. Its far easier to daydream about something than it is to actually do it, even when income isn’t an issue. But here they are at any rate…

  • Buy land and build a house.
  • Quit my job.
  • Travel more.
  • New car.

Honestly if I ever managed to make enough to pay off our mortgage I would be thrilled. That is no small accomplishment. As it stands whenever I am looking at houses (real estate stalking is a hobby right?) that are way outside of anything I could ever think of affording I think to myself… now if I could just finish this book… Pipe dream. Yes. A fun one nonetheless though.

Here’s hoping. 🙂


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