Finding the right way.

Sometimes for me. It’s all about how I do something.

For the past month or so I had been struggling with editing. It was a drag, it was boring. I hated it. I particularly disliked all of the formatting I needed to do (as it turns out 5+ hours worth)… but at the end of it the second draft is finally (finally) done.

And all it took was google docs. Yep. I didn’t expect it either.

First lets cover all of the failed approaches:

  1. Scrivener: Love the program-hate editing in it. No idea why.
  2. Printed/paper version: Worked okay for a read through, but the process of correcting it on paper and then having to find it on the document was driving me insane.
  3. Siri: Yep, I tried having siri read my book to me so I could make notes to correct. Great plan… if you want to go to sleep.

I tried google docs by accident. Not the first time I have used it. In fact I am not exactly sure why I hadn’t used it earlier… what can I say I just didn’t. Anyways. I ended up there by accident. I was trying to convert my scrivener document into a mobi document…. a process that I have temporarily given up on. I ended up sending it as a personal document to my kindle instead, I will cross the formatting bridge once I get there. It was also motivated by Pro Writing Aid. I was finding the scrivener version to be very very very slow. So I thought I would attempt the google docs version (I prefer the desktop/scrivener version so I still need to address that slow issue) and anyways between the two that is how I ended up finishing up my entire second draft in google docs.

So there you have it.

Only 50 million little tasks to go before I hit publish 🙂


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