It’s all about perspective.

Having recently finished my second draft… I needed some time away from the current book. Even with the clock ticking… It was an in-between moment. Waiting for test readers, giving myself some time to step back and take a break.

I lasted two days without writing. I was a bit reluctant to jump straight into another project, especially with one still on-going. But I needed to do something. I started organizing two of my other previously abandoned works. Projects I had started but clearly never finished.

Now. After I finished the first draft I felt the same feeling as finishing my second draft. Which was basically so what? It didn’t really feel like an accomplishment to me. It was just something I had done. Now, that is a bit ridiculous since it’s something I had done (aka accomplished) over a multi year period… But somehow I had lost the perspective on just what an accomplishment it actually was/is.

Let me tell you. Nothing will get that perspective back quicker than looking down the beginning of a book where you only have some 7,000 words written. Those 70,000 words start looking a whole lot better. In turn I was a little bit more impressed with my accomplishment. There is just something about actually finishing a book when before I would have struggled to get past the first chapter.

Progress, I tell you. It’s progress.


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