Contemplating release intervals.

As I am getting closer to the self imposed publishing deadline I have been thinking about some of the finer details. When I first set the deadline I just wanted to get the book done. And published. I had planned on just going the organic route, throwing the self-edited, self-designed book out there and hoping for the best. I hadn’t planned on publishing the second book in the series until almost a year later (and even that schedule could have been pushing it).

Now. I’m reconsidering. I am thinking about paying for an editor. I am considering ads. I have no idea about the cover. I actually like the one I made, but I could be biased. Now, when you start thinking about paying or putting money into something… it changes the equation. It’s really the editor part that is driving the change. Editors are expensive. $500-$1000 expensive. I’m sure its worth it. The question is could I ever potentially recover the cost going the organic route with such a sparse publication schedule?

It leaves me a choice. Push the publishing date to accommodate writing the second book. I do actually think it will go fast this time (please let it go faster this time). OR. I could keep the schedule I have and really really really push myself to finish the second book quickly. As in quicker than I have ever written before (remember book one… 3 years).

I’m kinda leaning towards option 2?!?! I think I can do it. It will be tight and there are more than a few things that could completely destroy the goal. It helps a little that I know going in that a 30 day release interval is completely impractical. I would be shooting for a 90 day window. Maybe. Hopefully. Assuming I can convince myself this is a good idea 🙂


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