How much to break even.

Before I can even talk about potentially making a profit… I have to earn back some of the money I have sunk into writing this book. Sooo how much would I have to make???

  • Computer (bought specifically for writing) $600
  • Scrivener: $45 
  • ProWritingAid: $140 (lifetime subscription)
  • Book Editing: $400

Total: $1,185

Fun times right? I am leaning towards pricing the book at $2.99… though there is the occasional debate on if there is actually any benefit to $2.99 vs $3.99 so I might(????) take the plunge at $3.99? Honestly I will be lucky not to sink into obscurity either way. Assuming I did my math right (which is a big if) I would need to sell the following:

At $3.99: 438 copies

At $2.99: 592 copies

It seems a little steep. Especially since I don’t have the highest expectations going in. Considering I am using a self-designed cover, and planning on formatting myself (though the amount could change if I decide to purchase vellum, which I might). And I could accept the fact that including the cost of the computer in there isn’t exactly necessary. Its gotten more than enough use outside of just writing. But for now its staying… mine as well set the bar high right?


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