When do I write?

A little about me.

I work full time. I have a toddler. I am currently pregnant. I am about to publish my first book.

It wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t a challenge right? Actually, I work better under pressure… and with a deadline. Writing with kids though… that has been a whole different experience.

After joining the mommy club I spent a lot of time trying to find stories of other writer mom’s to figure out when the heck they had time to write. I was struggling just getting enough sleep. Nevermind keeping the house clean, dinner, working out, or really any other obligation or hobby you could possibly think of. I found a fair amount of stories for stay-at-home mom’s and while they were useful… it didn’t provide the answer I needed. I didn’t have the afternoon nap or the morning before the kids woke up time period to write.

So, when do I write? At night. That couple little hours between when the little goes to bed and when I can’t seem to keep my eyes open anymore. Which depending on the night… might only be 5 min. But sometimes its a few hours…. and I can get a lot done in those few hours.

The thing with this though is that really only worked once the kid got a little older. Infants… really up until about 1-1.5 is a whole different ball game. Going into my first I thought it will be great. I will have all this time off of work I will get so much writing done. Notsomuch. No one tells you how you will have tons of free time. More free time than you have ever had before. Netflix will be your best friend. BUT. you also won’t have any hands. Between feeding and cuddling, good luck figuring out a way to type. Babies and laptops… while it can be done… it can’t exactly be done easily. Sure there is the wearing option and it kinda works…. but not in an overly comfortable sort of way (I suspect for anyone). And yes, they take naps, but then generally so do you. You can lay them down (assuming you have a kid open to that) but then the mommy guilt… seriously its a thing… and then once you kind of get a system going… you go back to work. At which point you are barely treading water. So basically. The expectations are low for the first year.

This time I am seriously seriously hoping that I can master the dragon speak software. I’ve played around with it. Tried it out a few times and every.single.time I just don’t get very far. Too self-conscious I think. But I am going to try it again… otherwise I will be sneaking minutes seconds wherever I can possibly find them.


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