The 90 day cliff.

Going into this I had no idea that the 90 day cliff was a thing. Or the 30 or 60 day either. It may be something specific to amazon… not exactly sure on that account. But since I only plan on publishing on amazon…well its a thing to me I guess.

Initially, when I had mapped out my grand plan for my writing career I had thought I would be optimistic and plan for 2 releases a year… or one every 6 months. Yep. That was my optimistic game plan. Considering that the first full book took me 3 years. I thought cutting it down to 6 months was pretty decent.

Then came the 90 day cliff. And honestly at first I ignored it. 90 day cliff…. who cares. But then I started thinking. Mainly wondering if I was doing my book (series) a disservice by publishing them so far apart? Would it cause my books to fall into obscurity? (which arguably they might fall into anyways)… and after some serious consideration. Mostly while driving. I decided to move up my deadline. To 90 days after the first book is published. Which should be soon.

Now. There seems to be this thing lately in writing. Where not only do you have to write well. But you have to write fast. Like stupid fast. A book every 90 days… no no no. The real accomplishment is writing a book every week. Which I say only partly joking. I think there really are people who could write a book in a week. I might even be able to pull off a poorly executed, low word count book as well in a week…. I just choose not to :). 90 days however. Really when I first started considering it I wasn’t actually sure I could do it. Then I started to outline my draft (since I made the switch from pantser to plotter after all) and threw in my word count goal into scrivener. And you know what? To write a book in 90 days I would only have to average 341 words a day. Thats nothing. Heck even this blog post is going to be longer than that. Granted the actual deadline will have to be sooner… and as a result the word count higher to allow for editing…. but I am feeling pretty good about making this deadline.

So there you have it. Book #2 in The Sigma Trilogy (nice name huh?) eta Octish 2016. 🙂




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