Why I changed my deadline.

Like that? It’s all about presentation right? See I didn’t miss my deadline. I changed it. 🙂

I actually could have made my deadline. I could have been published for a bit now. So why haven’t I?

Two reasons.

1. I have time. My goal is to have this thing up before I have this kid… and that is still several weeks away (should be anyways).

2. I got my book back from my editor (yep, I decided to go with an editor) the day of my deadline…. and then I decided that day to have it go through one more beta reader… someone I really really should have reached out too much sooner than I did.

The cover is done. The blurb is done. My amazon publishing page is done. And with the exception of some last minute formatting… and potential corrections once I get it back from my newest beta reader… the book is done.

In the meantime I haven’t written a word. Not a single one. I have on the other hand read a ridiculous amount of books over the past week or so. Seriously. It’s getting expensive. Time to go back to writing… if anything it’s cheaper (for the most part).


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