Should have done this earlier.

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of it. It really never occurred to me. I have been struggling a bit with beta readers… partly because I don’t really have any (unless my DH and two co-workers count) but even then they haven’t actually read the book (cue collective gasp).

I know. To be fair to them I kinda get it. Beta reader reading is different than regular reading. Regular reading you can go in without having to form an opinion. Beta reading… you have to look for one. Now as much as I just want them to read it for enjoyment and tell me at the end either yeah this works or no, no, no don’t ever even think about letting this into the light of day again (hopefully the first)… I get it, it’s human nature. Plus if they really don’t like it (not that that would ever happen) then they would have to tell me. Which they probably won’t want to do.

That and there are formatting issues. Not with how the book is actually formatted, but the format that they would have to read it. Traditional document sharing has always been… just email the word attachment. Which works fine for a short document. But who wants to read a 162 page book on their computer… maybe some people but not me. I tried uploading it to their kindles… which worked for one but there is a heavy amount of cooperation needed for the kindle owner and its not exactly the easiest/fastest/most logical process out there. So finding an easy to read option needed to happen sooner… and I think I finally got it.

Enter createspace. Now I have known about createspace for awhile. I have a children’s book that I wrote that I had always eventually maybe planned on publishing through that (or amazons other children’s book publisher). But it never even occurred to me to order paper copies of my book for my beta readers. I mean come on duh. The odds of them reading it will increase exponentially (hopefully) and even if it doesn’t I will have a nice shiny (hopefully error free book) all for less that $3. Seriously should have done/thought of this earlier.

Anyways all this to say. I have concluded that if you want a beta reader to read your book. Especially if you are a complete unknown wannabe author who doesn’t actually like telling people that her secret past time is writing… then you have to make it as easy for people as possible. So hopefully this is the key. 🙂


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