An updated plan.

  1. I changed the deadline. It’s set it stone this time. t-5 days puts me at this coming Thursday.
  2. Deadline for the second book will be a little more flexible (if I can be any more flexible compared to book one…) and will be Sept 30th.
  3. Deadline for book 3 will be December 9th.

Talk about ambitious.

Couple things to know. My life is about to go through some major changes. So I reserve the right to change the deadlines if I need to. I’d like to stay within the 90 day windows though.

I fully plan (hope/pray) that I will be able to completely master dragon speak because I honestly don’t know if I can accomplish this without that.

I am not 100% sure whether later in the week/weekend publishing dates are good/bad. I am hoping for the best. Wonderful plan, I know.

I initially don’t plan on any major (or even really minor) advertising/marketing/whatever. I will reassess this as once the book is published and in particular as I move to release books 2 and 3.




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