Life happens.

Literally. In this case. 🙂

I guess if there is ever a reason to delay (or you know, completely miss a deadline) having a baby would be it. As life slowly returns to normal… and I start getting enough sleep to function I will reschedule the publishing date. Shouldn’t be too long from now.

In the meantime I have started to make significant progress on using dragon dictation. There are a couple of minor issues I am still working through (for some reason it causes scrivener to randomly close occasionally) not sure what is causing that…. and there is a definite learning curve to getting the daily word counts up. I still have to stop and think through every sentence that I want to write.

I also made an executive (read:desperate) decision to start writing a completely different work rather than working on book#2. I will still write book#2. Soon. Because it needs to be done. I was just a little burnt out. I needed a project that I was excited about. A little breather so that I could come back to book#2 refreshed and ready to write.


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