Things I didn’t know about publishing.

Most of these are Amazon specific… since its the only thing I have (two days worth) of experience with. I am sure (read: absolutely positive) that I will find more as I go… but for now. This is what I have come up with.

You can only make one correction at a time. Say you realize¬†that your blurb needs an edit, so you make the edit and submit the changes. Then, you realize that you also should update your cover so you try to make that change only to realize you can’t. Amazon will only let you make one update at a time, as many changes as you want. So that part isn’t the issue.. but if you make one, you have to wait for that to finalize before you can do another one. Consider my lesson learned.

Second lesson. People won’t just randomly stumble across your book. At least not so far. I went in with the assumption that being enrolled in KU would/might help that. It hasn’t.

Finally. I should have paid more attention to my blurb… and while I love the cover. It needs to be more genre specific. It’s too bright. Too light. Thank goodness for photoshop right?

So. A few edits to be made. In the meantime. I need to get back to writing the next book.


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