Losing work.


Is probably one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a writer. You put down all of these words on paper (or screen) and then the unthinkable happens.

It’s gone.

It’s happened to me twice recently. Two days in a row actually. I’ve been using (attempting might be a more accurate description) dragon dictation. It was going moderately well. There were still a lot of mistakes. I was still learning the commands. The biggest issue? For some reason it started causing Scrivener to freeze and crash. Now, this would be annoying no matter what. But if it was just a time delay issue I could handle it (I think). Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. The program would crash, which would take approximately 20ish minutes…. and then when I would open it back up, the entire section I had recently done would be gone. I’m not just talking the last few sentences or even paragraphs. Entire sections covering all of the work over the past day or so.

Talk about frustrating.

I lucked out somewhat. Mainly because I had been playing around with different “writing” methods. Namely I went back to hand writing portions and I had been playing around with recording and then transcribing instead of straight dictation. So I had the majority of the writing on other mediums. It was still a setback but it could have been so so so much worse.

In the meantime I have no idea what is going on between dragon and scrivener. Clearly they are not happy with each other. 😦


2 thoughts on “Losing work.

  1. Ask for help at the Scrivener forum: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/ It’s a good place to check out now and then for new ideas about Scrivener. If anyone else has had the same problem, it’s probably been discussed. Do a search first to make sure you aren’t duplicating a question that’s already been asked. Also make sure to say whether you’re using the Windows or Mac version of Scrivener. Good luck. I know how frustrating it is to lose work.


    1. Thanks for the link! I will definitely check it out. I was hoping the issue was related to the iOS change they made recently… But it’s probably more likely related to my computer or something I did 🙂


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