To do lists.

I love lists.

I love apps.

I love apps that manage to do lists.

Now. I have tried a lot of them. A lot! There was a time there where I think the various to do list apps (is there a technical term for this?) were taking up at least 80% of my phone space.

The list (like that?:)) of things I look for in a to do list app is pretty short but generally it needs, or I would like it to hit these main points.

  • Free
  • Simple (uncluttered)
  • Reoccurring tasks
  • Ability to share or export

Really, thats pretty much it. I don’t like a lot of bells and whistles. To me, the ideal to do list app is one that acts and looks similar to what I would put on paper, it just happens to be in an electronic form.

For a really, really long time my fav, go to app was It is still a really good, well done app. What made me change was the fact that they started charging for functions I previously had for free (that was one update that I wish I could take back). I completely get that they would want to make money off something that they spend time and effort on… so can’t fault them really it just didn’t sit well the way it was done. That said, I would more than recommend it.

The one I am currently using though is todoist. Seriously. Hits every single one of my preferred items and its iOS compatible. Pinch me now. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to export (freely)…. but sharing is an automatically included function.

I need lists. It helps me organize my work, and by extension my brain. I can’t write when I have a million different little ideas and tasks swimming around in my head. Once I write them all out, I know visually what needs to be done and I can develop a plan of attack. Makes me more productive and calm. It’s the same way with clutter… I write 100% better and longer in a clean house than a dirty or cluttered one.

So, if you happen to be in the market for a to do list app. todoist. Or


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