Linked and liked.

This is a round up of blog posts that I find useful, informative or inspiring 🙂

I am a huge blog fan. It started with Young House Love. I joined late. Like several years into them being a thing. I think I binge read the entire blog in a day. It was a slow day-pre-kids. To this day the majority of blogs that I like/love/read are house and design related. Except for Hungry Runner Girl. I read her blog because then it makes me want to run. I don’t. Run that is. But it makes me want to. Which is progress right?

Probably not.

Anyways. Here is a collection of writing related blog posts that I think you should read. Yep they are that good.

  1. Stuck on a plot? Start at the end Considering that I am currently stuck (I know, it sucks) this blog post couldn’t have come at a better time. I tend to think of writing as an obstacle course. Currently I am stuck on that little (aka large) wall climbing thing that only ridiculous people can go over on the first try. Usually I would stay and try over and over again to climb it. Maybe, just maybe though it is better to skip the wall altogether and go straight for the finish line. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
  2. Actively defending the passive voice  Can I just say thank you? Seriously, thank you. Like a million times over. As someone who regularly writes in the passive voice (I’m working on it)… it’s nice for once to have someone say thats (sometimes) okay rather than only ever hearing how bad it is.
  3. Why you should query agents for 6+ months before self publishing I had actually considered doing this before I hit the self-publish button…. and now I wish that I had. I started wishing that I had before I read this post… this post just solidified it for me. I still don’t think I would have gone the traditional publishing route… though its not something that I would rule out complete. BUT I do think it would have forced me to be more polished… and it would have highlighted some issues earlier (blurb and cover anyone?!?). So yeah. Good advice right here.

Let’s start with these shall we? Because honestly I have a lot. More than I realized actually. And yes, Writer Unboxed is an excellent blog. And no, I didn’t realize that links 2+3 both came from there until I went to link them 🙂

Also, for blog feeds or a blog reader I personally recommend Bloglovin. Though, I was more of a fan before they changed how the popular blogs populate… and I only like the iphone app version. The desktop version drives me insane. But that is just me.


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