The cover.

I have a love/hate relationship with my cover. As you can see, its gone through a couple of versions… and even more in between. I love the Lily. I love that I have similar but different images for each of the 3 books. BUT. I don’t love the font, no matter how much I’ve played with it… it still doesn’t look right to me. I also don’t love that it doesn’t immediately convey Young Adult/Dystopian.

Personally, the cover has a huge amount of influence on whether or not I will even take a closer look at a book. I tend to gravitate towards covers with minimalistic or modern designs. I can’t stand covers with faces on them…it screws with what think the character looks like… (though I make a special exception to that policy for Harry Potter).

I’ve reluctantly decided that I should get my cover professionally done. I’d love to think that my photoshop skills are up to the challenge but I’ve spent enough time trying to reach the point of acceptance… this just isn’t something within my skill set at the moment.

Granted, I don’t think my cover is horrible. But who wants that? Well, its not that bad… Everyone knows what that means. 🙂 I want my cover to be great. Or at least better than it is.

Which… speaking of covers can we just talk for a moment about how expensive they are? Or more accurately… how insane the price differences are between them… I’ve seen prices for custom covers range anywhere between $100-$800+. That is a huge difference. Huge. Even some of the pre-mades are surprisingly expensive. More than anything the perfect combination of a good designer and a good price is something that takes quite a bit of shopping around. I’ve got my eye on a couple… but haven’t taken the plunge… yet.


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