So. I didn’t want to write this post. I still don’t actually. But here it is.

I unpublished my book.

Wait. What. I know right? Let me back up slightly.

In hindsight I should have just kept it up. Next time right? So why did I do it? The most basic explanation is I had some less than positive feedback from one of the forums I participate in. This led me to question everything about the book. I’ve since come to conclude that the forum… while it is an excellent source of information they somehow only comment on the negative. It’s like talking to that know-it-all friend who no matter what you do or say will always find something wrong with it. Does that make sense?

Regardless of how I feel about the forum, two specific things about the feedback resonated with me. My cover and my blurb. I tried with the cover, I really did. And then I just gave up and hired someone to do it. While I was at it I also hired another editor (the other piece of feedback was that my paragraphs were too long-). For whatever reason since I was taking steps to improve those items I didn’t want the “older” version of the book still up. Again. hindsight.

I seriously considered going back through this blog and scrubbing the previous publishing mentions and just starting over. BUT. For me this is still very very much a hobby. AND. Very very much a learning process. I am not going to get it right 100% of the time (I will be lucky if I am right even 10% of the time :)). SO. I am keeping it real. Partly so I remember for the next time I hit that publish button… and partly because its just part of the process and maybe it will help someone else out? Or at least entertain them. Hopefully. Or for the know-it alls it will give them some to judge. Gotta keep them busy too.



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