Switching genres.

Is something that the author community seems to be very divided on. Some say sure why not. Most seem to say only with different pen names.

I don’t have the patience to keep multiple pen names straight.

Seriously. Where do people get this kind of time?

After I published my first book I fully planned on jumping straight into its sequel. Until I couldn’t. I had spent 3 years on that first book and I was a little more than burned out. So I decided that a little palate cleanser was in order. I picked a “fun” book. One I had kinda played around with writing but had never particularly been overly serious about. Something I thought that I could write quickly and still enjoy.

It’s a historical/conspiracy/political thriller/mystery.

More important than the fact that it simultaneously fits into several different genres (the author community also seems to be divided on that…) is the fact that it is NOT a YA novel.

I never wanted (want?) to be a YA specific author. Mainly because the Sigma trilogy is really the only YA plot line that I have. Actually when I look at all the books I want to write… almost all of them are in a different genre. Seriously.

I would have so many pen names it wouldn’t even be funny (I don’t think its funny either way. But still.)

For the most part I don’t think it will be a particular issue. Probably because they are all still within genres that I would read (I have very broad tastes when it comes to literature). The only catch is one plot that has a distinct religious topic vs another much darker mystery book. While I might read both. Can’t say the same about other people. There is also a suspense plot line (I don’t read/like suspense/horror so this is the odd one out) that would definitely not work well with the others.

So for now. I don’t plan on branching out to other pen names. Considering that I am still trying to get things like covers/editing/formatting/etc figured out… no need to add more at this time I figure.


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