The -NEWish- cover.

option-1The “ish” is because even though it was handled by a professional. It still has the same original image I had been working with. So same. Yet different. Hopefully better.

Now. The cover itself is interesting… exciting even. But I’ve gotta tell you. More than the fact that I got a shiny new cover out of the whole thing… it was more the experience of working with the designer that really worked for me.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a cover. Both before and after my attempt at DIY. I never found a pre-made that even came close to hitting what I wanted… so I knew pretty early that I would most likely be looking for a custom or semi-custom option.

I did the normal. Browsed random book cover sites… entered in different keywords into google hoping to find something that hit both the design aesthetic and price range I was aiming for. Pretty much I came up empty (the one other I was interested in never responded to the contact me stuff from the website… so…)

I decided to throw a curve ball and check out etsy. I think was was bored. Or desperate. Maybe both.

Anyways. I found some covers I liked. And then I looked at the price and decided I liked them even more. Then I sent the designer a message and seriously it was exactly the type of collaboration I was looking for. She gave me options but direction. I had choices, I was able to say what I wanted and she would come back and say well what about this.

She didn’t necessarily do anything ground breaking with the covers considering that the same image I had been working with was incorporated… but she did what I couldn’t do (clearly)… and just knowing that using a different set of images or a completely original image(she works with a photographer) was an option was nice.

It’s the same kind of collaboration that I would like to find with my editing…. more of a back and forth process. Not in the overly time consuming way… but more than just an emailed document with a bunch of lines through it I guess. I’m considering one editor I am just having issues committing.



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