The power of consistency.

I completely get that I am probably the last person in the world who should be talking about this. Consistency isn’t exactly something I have been great at so far… or deadlines. But hey. At least I recognize that there is room for improvement.

Anyways. Being consistent is extremely powerful in so many areas of life. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff, I just think its only recently that I started to realize how important it is.

Take blogging: There is a blog that I read almost entirely just because she posts Like clock work. When I first started reading she posted twice a day. It’s a running blog. I don’t run. Currently. I have plans. Thanks to the blog (see how that works :)). I like knowing that every morning I can spend 5 mins checked out reading bloglovin and a half way decent blog post will be waiting for me no matter what…. and if one of my fav bloggers have a post… well its that much better.

Writing: Same thing. Not only does it make you a better/faster/whatever writer… if you somehow manage to publish consistently (and frequently) good things will happen (according to those who do these kinds of things).

Cleaning: It was only recently that I heard about the one-touch rule for cleaning. Earth-shattering I tell you. Well not completely but I will say that it has caused me to think about each action (put the dish in the sink and deal with it later vs just cleaning it then…). Here is the thing about cleaning. It is always easier if you don’t let it go too far. Say you clean your bedroom every day. Well its probably only going to take a couple of mins. Wait a month, year, years? It’s going to take you a lot longer. Like it might be worth just getting rid of everything kind of long time.

The point of this is… I get it. Being consistent applies to so many things (parenting anyone?)… and I really do think its an extremely powerful habit to build.


3 thoughts on “The power of consistency.

  1. I keep getting out of touch with writing and created a blog just yesterday, partially to hold myself accountable for posting every day. Do you manage to write every day, even if you don’t do so with blogging?


    1. I very rarely skip an entire day of writing… but I will have days where my word count is super low (especially with editing). My gaps in blogging are usually because I’m either writing a ton and don’t want to break the cycle… or I’m really struggling and I don’t have anything positive to say:) I keep meaning to post everyday. It’s a great goal!


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