My current work in progress is the first time I have started to play around with different POV’s in a book. So far. I love it. Though I can’t tell you for sure whether the reader will.

Primarily I think I love it because I get less bored. And I don’t feel like I am overstating what one person in the story thinks. Also, there is a lot more freedom at any given time I can pull from pretty much any character to get a point across.

Scenes become so much more complex in a way. In a good way. With one POV you only have one explanation of the scene. With multiple POV’s that single scene becomes several explanations all rolled up into one.

It also provides the opportunity to explore what other people think, not just what the MC thinks that other people think… which may or may not lead to a higher word count in a short (book) period of time.

I enjoy trying out different voices. Sometimes one voice becomes daunting… I mean how much can one (fictional) person have to say? A lot… but sometimes not enough. If I ever get stuck or feel like I don’t know what one person wants to say… I can just to switch to someone else.

In the meantime. The outline is progressing 🙂


One thought on “POV

  1. Best of luck! I’m also in the midst of dealing with multiple POV, and, sadly, I recently decided that I had to toss one of them. My mourning may have been disproportionate. It sounds like you have a great handle on things though!


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