The shadow figure.

I have started to figure out that I don’t like naming people.

Current work in progress for example. I so far have “the director”, very technical name I know.

And 3 different people that I so far only refer to has “he” or “she”.

In my last book (best seller that it is), the parents are only ever referenced as Mother and Father.

The reasons are a bit varied. Mother and Father came about because I told the story from the perspective of the daughter. What kid references their parent by their first name? Or when someone asks a kid about said parent… isn’t it always asked as “How is your dad? Or how has your mom been?

The director was initially a very minor one chapter appearance. He wasn’t even going to be there long enough to matter. Now, I’m not so sure. But even then, I am not sure I want to give him a name. Or more importantly I am not sure that the MC likes him enough to want to know (or remember) his name.

The many he/she’s…. They are what I can only otherwise refer to as shadow figures. They aren’t named because I don’t want the reader to know who they are. They are a mystery as much to the main character as they are to the reader. The issue I am having is with more than one “shadow figure” how is the reader supposed to keep them all straight? It’s hard enough when they have distinguishing names and features…. but without that? The two strongest options at this point are differentiating by font type (italics vs. bold vs. etc.) or the ever popular code names. Hides the true identity but still allows for something other than he or she?

Only problem. Code names are not my forte.

Eh. Time will tell.



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