Here’s the thing. I don’t enjoy writing dialogue. Or at least I never used to? It’s growing on me I guess. It always seemed a little awkward, a little forced. In my head as I was writing it would alway be a little voice that said… who the heck says this?

In fact. I pretty much avoided writing it. I preferred description or scene setting. It’s right up there for me with coming up with names. Not people names, names of fictional groups, objects, etc.

When I got back my first set of editing notes from The Callow Lily book… the first thing the editor said was that she had cringed when she saw how little dialogue was in the first couple chapters (don’t worry, she also said she really ended up enjoying it, even without the dialogue).

So all this to say… I’ve always been a little surprised when consistently I get complimented on the dialogue. This isn’t to say that I’m getting feedback thats all positive. No. In fact the feedback is actually I didn’t like X, X, X, or X but your dialogue is really good.

Say what?

Yeah. My reaction exactly (or it would be if you were me or reading my dialogue).

The positive is… (whether or not its true) I’ve been writing more dialogue because of it.

It’s kinda a good thing I think. The book I am currently work on requires a lot of dialogue. It would be weird if it didn’t have dialogue. It just makes the book flow better, easier.

And at the end of the day it’s kinda fun to write.


One thought on “Dialogue.

  1. I know how you feel. I am only a beginner writer and I just cringe sometimes when I look back on my dialogue. I try to imagine I am in the room with that person and just type out what they would say. It mostly sounds stupid, but I guess that’s what first drafts are for!


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