Two steps forward.

100 steps back. At least. Maybe more like 1,000.

I was making some serious progress. Averaging about 3,000 words a day for a good period of time. Things were going great. I was ahead of schedule and was just starting to get to the point where I could see the finish line in the distance.

And then I had the bright idea to push a software update and the scrivener update. Right. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Admittedly, I was well behind the curve with both of these updates. Not that I think it would have worked out that much better if I hadn’t waited…but I probably would have lost less work.

I was lucky (I’m going to focus on the positives). I had JUST backed up my work. So I didn’t lose any of the actual writing. I just lost the format. I had saved the work as as rich text format. (If you happen to be reading this and you are like oh that’s super easy just do x, y, z and it will be fixed in .2 seconds…. I don’t want to know. Pleaseandthankyou :)) which was great because I had a copy. Bad because it wasn’t a scrivener copy. Which is a big deal. For me.

So I was like. Perfect. Cut and paste. Kinda annoying mostly because it always formats my exports differently than my WIP. Again probably an easy fix- haven’t figured it out yet.

So…. after 2 days (yes 2 days) of trying to cut and paste and having scrivener freeze and crash on me every.single.time. I decided to print the whole thing and type it all back in.

Now. In my defense this seemed like a reasonable plan. I was only approx. 30,000 words in… I’m a fast typer. How long could it take? #famouslastwords. Too long. It took way too long. But by the time I figured that out I was far enough in that I wasn’t going to quit.

It really is surprising how long it takes to type 3,000 words. We usually say I typed 3,000 words when you are having to come up with the words… but it takes a significant chunk of time even if you are just transcribing.

Anyways. It’s done. That whole debacle is behind me. Aaaannnndddd I am now working off of scrivener iOS. Which is almost worth losing the other draft. Almost.

I will say that I did learn a few things by going back through and retyping my previous work. I was way easier to pick up on when I was telling vs. showing, where I could add additional info, where a specific section wasn’t working with the rest. I didn’t stop typing when these things came up. I just added a bold note smack dab in the middle.

Basically it was a half time editing session. I also worked out a few plot kinks. One character in particular changed significantly. It was easier to see through typing that the characters actions and motivations were off. I might not have picked up on that otherwise.

That said. Would I do it again? Not by choice. Do I recommend it? Depends on how much you like falling asleep over your keyboard retyping words you typed days earlier. Your call.

Just so you know…(since you’ve got to be saying how computer illiterate is this person???? It’s okay I would think it) I’m actually good with computers…. as in PC’s. Super new to the world of Mac’s though. So something that should be an easy fix takes freakin forever. Or you know, more than a week.

I can still make my deadline (I think? Hope?) but it’s going to be tough. The biggest thing going for me is that I really want this draft done so I can start NaNoWriMo fresh at the beginning of November for book 2.

I think I can do it.

I think I can.


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