I really want to be a plotter. I’ve tried the whole pantsing approach and I found it to be fun. But very time consuming. All of those changes, revisions, corrections.

I thought I had done it this time. That I had effectively plotted out my book…. and to some degree I had. Until I realized that the book I had plotted worked better as the second book in the series rather than the first.

So. A bunch of movement later I now have part of my second book written and am behind on my first book.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% of either. I think I’ll probably have more of a hybrid approach. At least for awhile. As I learn I might get better at plotting or find a method that works for me.

Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me expect I just want one of them done. I don’t like being partially through multiple projects. I have approximately 20,000 words left on book one. I know exactly what I want to say and what plot points I need to hit. I just need to get it done.


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