What happened to spellcheck?

Maybe I am the only one, but is spellcheck just not what it used to be?

Case in point. I recently misspelled “resembed”, skipped over a letter. Happens. Especially when I am typing fast. But when I tried to use spellcheck to correct it (I don’t know why, I’ve always done this instead of just adding the letter) and it had no word suggestions for me.

I missed one letter. How hard it to figure out that I meant resembled?

I find this particularly annoying because I have long used spellcheck as a dictionary of sorts. Previously if I had a word I didn’t know how to spell, as long as I got it close enough, I could use spellcheck to figure out the correct spelling (recently tried to do this with “hors d’oeuvre”, didn’t work). Now, I have to google my spelling guess to get the word.

Now, if that was the only thing I could let it slide. Okay, whatever, you don’t have any suggestions for me on my word with one missing letter. I can take that.

But. halfway through spelling a word correctly and it will change it for me, to a completely different word that I had no intention on using. Because, what, the program felt it would work better? It was trying to anticipate what word I meant to use?

Uh, no thank you? I am perfectly capable of picking out my own words.

Part of me misses the good ole days where a misspelled word just resulted in a red underline. I can handle going back and fixing what I can see. Auto fixed words blend in. They hide, its too easy for my eyes to skip over the wrong word in a sentence.

I don’t know maybe its just me? Anyone else having issues with spell check out there?

Side note: Does anyone else think about writing all of their texts in the symbols now that it so helpfully suggests a picture for every word typed? No just me. I can live with that. 🙂






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