The election.

I’m not overtly political. So this won’t be a specific election post. I promise.

My current WIP is a historical fiction/political thriller. Due to the overall plot line, this election outcome was going to end up impacting my writing to some degree either way. However you fall on the election; good, bad, or indifferent. This was the more complicated of the two outcomes from a writing standpoint for my book specifically (this is not a judgement at all on the outcome, its just how it relates to my current book).

Originally (about a month ago) I was a little sad that I hadn’t finished and published the book before the finale of the election. Given the topic, it would have fit right in and I suspect would have given me somewhat of a boost when it comes to attention. Even then though, I was concerned about having to “guess” the outcome. Certain aspects of the book needed to fall in line with actual events that hadn’t yet occurred. So in a way I’m glad I wasn’t in a position to publish before this election was finalized.

I am concerned about political burnout and the impact it might have on publishing a political thriller so soon after an election. I am 80% done with the first book and 25% done with the second (part of the original first book became the second) so I hope to publish the first three starting around Feb or March of next year. But will everyone be so done with politics they won’t even care? Or worse they will be repulsed by the topic because they are To some extent I was a little concerned with my blog post title because of it…. I mean how many election related posts can one person read in a day? But at the end of it all I was A. lazy and didn’t want to think up another one and B. didn’t want to be misleading. So there we have it.

On the plus side. Having an outcome has rejuvenated my writing. I have a clearer picture now of exactly what I need to write in to account for current events. That in itself is nice. Soooo off to finish…. 🙂



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