Time to write.

I always thought I was a night writer (lol). Mainly because I am not a morning person. Not even remotely. So writing in the evenings is what its always been. And it worked, okay I guess. I usually put in about 2ish hours and my word count hovers around 500-1000 words.

Lately, I’ve had the ability to write uninterrupted during the day. This is a first. Turns out, my ideal writing time is between 8-11 am. Average word count tends to hover right around 3000 words.

In a way this is great news. I know a block of time where I get pretty impressive word counts. In another way this is horrible news. I will be heading back to work fairly soon… so good-bye uninterrupted afternoons.

Bittersweet I guess. Writing while working is a whole different (and extremely extensive topic)… and don’t even get me started on writing, working full time, and being a parent. I wouldn’t want to change my work times necessarily. I just wish that my daytime writing productivity was as good as my night writing productivity. While I am throwing together a writing wish list I would also like it if I could use those 2-3 hours in the morning when I’ve been dragged out of bed by a kiddo (night owls should not be allowed to have morning kids btw) to write something. Anything. If I had an average for morning writing it would probably be 5 words. 10 if I was really pushing.

In a way it never really occurred to me that there might be a *best* time to write. Now I think that was a mistake. In a way writing is like working out (oh, how I wish writing could burn calories… but I digress). Not in the conventional sense per say…. but in the sense where people constantly dissecting and examining what does and does not work. Writing needs introspection and experimentation to find out what works best. I think that writers as a whole are a bit experimentation adverse. But sometimes I have found that its when I change things up that things work the best…. and sometimes that fails miserably… so you know. Proceed with caution. 🙂


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