Draft one done.

Yesterday I finished draft one of my second book (although I made some minor corrections this morning… just couldn’t stay away). Yay for me 🙂 Actually it was a bit like coming out of a fog. This draft had been pretty all encompassing and when I was done there was a bit of… oh yeah there is a world out there feeling. And then there was a what do I write now feeling… but more on that later.

So some random info.

  • The first draft is short(er). It currently sits at 42,600 words. I did this on purpose. The entire plot is there and I have found that I tend to add words during revisions (net, I still take words away at the same time). When all is said and done I would like to be sitting somewhere around 55,000-60,000 words. As long as I am above 50,000 though I am fine.
  • 4 months. How long it took me to write the book from start to finish. Including plotting, splitting the book half-way through (part of what was the first book became the second), the great writing disaster of 2016, and normal life stuff. Huge improvement over my last book which took 3 years to write (and I think has sold 3 copies. Not sure I stopped checking). I’d like it to be closer to 2 months for a first draft. But hey. Progress is progress.

So what now. Well. I plan on taking a mini writing break (I know in the middle of NaNoWriMo? What can I say. I’m a rebel). This is just to give the book a little time before I go back to re-read through it. It is also so I can give a couple of “beta” readers some time to read it and give me some thoughts. I plan on working on the blurb/synopsis…and maybe… maybe think about the cover? And the title. So you know. The normal 500 billion things that happen after you stop writing.

Sooner or later I will start on book #2. Luckily a good chunk of that one (probably 15,000 words?) is already written. BUT. It’s a big, hot, mess. I pretty much just cut and paste the sections randomly into new scrivener folders. AND I haven’t plotted that book yet (I know the general plot but not specifics) so there is work to be done. I would say that I hope to get book #2 done in 2 months… but there are a lot of changes coming up. Going back to work being the biggest (whomp whomp whomp :(). So. I’m keeping my timeline open for that one.

As always. I will try to keep you posted though.


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