I’m still here.

Kinda. Mostly anyways.

I went back to work. And let me tell you. Writing is one thing. Writing while working a full time job (with little ones)….whole different ball game.

Mostly I am just trying to adjust to the new normal. It hasn’t really helped that right when I was going back to work the littles stopped sleeping through the night. They have good timing. That and I’m still on a semi-elimination diet. So tired, hungry, and stressed. Great combo. Let me tell you.

I have moved forward with writing some. It hasn’t been completely abandoned. I am in the process of ordering my draft from create space. I feel like I have reached the point where I need a physical copy to edit off of. I did this in college as well. I would print out the document and write in the margins or between the lines any additional things I wanted to add while I was reading. I’ve tried to move to an electronic only way of doing this and haven’t been successful. Create space so far has been the cheapest way to get a copy. Right now it’s still in review. So just waiting.

I also scheduled a developmental edit for next month. Part because I want one. And part because I wanted a deadline. It’s the first book in a planned series. So far the reviews have been good. I have high hopes for this book. I want it to be a good foundation for the rest of the books that come after it. For that reason I don’t want to rush the process…. I want to make sure I get good editing in and I finish out strong with the rest of the writing that still needs to be done.

By next week (right in time for the holidays to screw it up again) I hope to be back into a good writing pattern. Since I fell comfortably into the 9-11 am writing window… that means finding a new time. A new location (most likely). And dropping my expectations somewhat (since expecting to get the 3,000 words per day that I was getting is probably a pipe dream).

It can be done. I still want to hit a mid 2017 publishing deadline for the first three books. It will be a lot of work, and probably a few late nights…. but I am confident it can be done.


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