I’m kind of a sucker for New Years resolutions. There is just something about a blank slate. Anytime I have ever wanted to start something. Organization system, waking up early, working out, etc…. I’ve always started it in the beginning of the week. It’s just weird to start something mid-way through, you know? Except for the waking up early one. That happened because of kids. Because. Seriously. They don’t sleep.


New Years. The beginning. A chance to start fresh.

This year, at least for me its a little different. Only because I am mid-project. Which isn’t that big of a deal. In a way it’s good because the project had hit a bit of a lull. Good as time as any to get back into a good pattern.

2017 Writing Goal(s)

  1. Publish 3 books in my newest series.

I already started book one. It’s sitting at just over 47,000 words now. I got it back from my first full (paid) beta read yesterday. I now need to push it up to around 55,000-60,000 words and push it out to a developmental editor that is scheduled for either the first of January(!!!!) or the middle of January (whew). Thank goodness for flexible editor schedules. And then of course I need to write the next two. No bid deal (laughs nervously). Oh, and I want to get them all published by August at the latest.


     2. Set up the business side of writing.

LLC vs. S-corp. How do you pay those self-employed taxes. Mailchimp anyone…. Yep. I want to go in prepared. To the greatest extent possible. It might all be for nothing. I mean its not as if my first book took off or anything. But I’ve got a decent feeling about this one. Or for the time being at least I can be delusional about the potential for my book to take off. 

That pretty much sums it up. Nothing too terribly ambitious. I purposely stayed away from specific daily goals (such as I will write X number of words per day no matter what). I am not the best at missing part of a goal but still being able to pick up the next day and continue. I would miss a day and throw up my hands and say whats the point. Not literally, but you get the idea.


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