Quality vs. quantity.

Ah. The age old debate.

And really I don’t have an answer for you. For the most part.

However, when it comes to writing/reading. I’m definitely falling more on the quality side of the road….. I started to notice it first with some of the blogs that I read (which for the most part are not writing blogs oddly-I’ve tried I just don’t get into them the same way I do decorating/lifestyle/running(?!?) blogs). Some of my favorite bloggers for years had blogged every day. Without fail. Some of them were even blogging more than once a day. Without fail. Some of them still even are.

And to be honest. To some degree that consistency (appropriately addressed in my blog post about consistency) is what pulls me in. Especially the blogs about running. Since I don’t (currently) run. Some of the other blogs though have moved away from that model entirely. They only blog sporadically. Like something major has to have happened in order for a blog post to be generated.

I like both. But for very different reasons.

The daily, no-fail blogs. They are like gossip websites. They are fillers. I am not super super interested, but I know it’s going to be there. And I know it’s going to be entertaining. So if I reach the end of my what-should-I-check-on-the-internet sweep. I’ll check that out. (Even if I really should be doing something (anything) productive instead).

The sporadic blogs. Those are like your breaking news-something major has just happened in the world website. It’s got substance. It’s going to be important (or at least as important as a kitchen renovation can be-which if you have ever cooked in a crappy kitchen (raises hand), I’m sure you would agree… it’s pretty darn important). These are the posts I consistently come back and check for. Not because I’m bored. Or because I’m procrastinating. But because I really am very interested and engaged. Because the content is good, and the writing is good. It is the kind of blog post where you read it and it feels like it was written because they had something that they really wanted to say. Not just because they agreed to post at so-and-so time of day and they needed something, anything to fill the page.

Both work. In fact I strongly suspect that wordpress in particular makes some blogs easier to discover than others. Particularly those that post consistently. I only say this because whenever I’m, you know, consistent for a least a few days in a row…. my viewed stats skyrocket. And by skyrocket I mean more than 2 people read the post 🙂

That said. I personally, would rather spend my time writing only the things I really want to say. For the sake of my blog….this probably isn’t a great choice. Mainly due to the fact that all of those other sporadic-super interesting, breaking news about kitchen renovations blogs… they have been around for awhile. They have this thing called a following (in a non-creepy/non-cultish kind of way). I don’t (have a following, creepy or otherwise). I am essentially an internet nobody. An everyday blogging pattern would probably be the better choice for visiability….

This might be temporary. Maybe in the future I’ll decide I really want to blog everyday. I just know that I’ve tried it…. and it felt forced….

So for now….I have a fairly aggressive publishing schedule planned (tentatively). Writing blogs takes me away from writing books…. and right now I need all the writing time I can possibly get.

So there you have it. My thoughts on quantity vs. quality in blog posts.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


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