The other side of writing.

There is writing.

And then there is all of the other stuff that goes along with writing. Which for the sake of this post….I will define as being “the other side of writing”. Mainly because I liked the title and I needed to tie it in somewhere. So there you go.

Anyways. The other side of writing. Is anything other than straight writing. Outlining, formatting, advertising, revising, cover design, blurbs, etc. It’s all the stuff that ends up going with writing… but not the actual writing part itself.

Some people really like the other stuff. Hours can be spent searching through covers or stock photos. Some people really enjoy outlining. I’m not sure anyone in their right mind can possibly enjoy writing a blurb or formatting (no judgements if you do though)…. I have a love/hate relationship with revising. Outside of that though. I don’t really like any of it. In the sense that I put it on my (mental) to do list and then just kind of avoid it.

I think there is a lot of pressure to have the right cover and the perfect blurb. That and so many of the steps outside of the actual writing part… cost money. Not that I’m not willing or able to spend the money…. but man alive it adds up. And if your book tanks (ah hem… like my first :))…. well then it’s kinda hard to say that it was money well spent.

So yeah. I have a hard time with the other side of writing. Everything that comes after you have a working draft. Everything that you need to finish in order to have a successful book (apparently).

It’s all stuff that needs to be done. I don’t yet know if this next book will be successful… but I do know that a coverless, blurbless, unedited book will all but fail.

So there is that I guess.



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