Editing update.

And it’s off…. again.

Following the (paid) beta read feedback it was time to finish up the prep for the developmental edit. So thats what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. Ironically one of my major goals was to get my word count above 50k.

It didn’t happen. Which was weird. I added three scenes. Threw in a bunch of descriptions. Did a couple of choppy read throughs… and was still short. So I decided it was best to stop forcing it and send it off for the developmental edit.

A word about the developmental edit. I did a test section previously with this editor. The feedback was great. Very through and thought out… which in a way almost made it harder. One of my primary concerns was whether or not I was adequately incorporating all of the recommendations. I know sometimes it can be an issue if you don’t agree with the recommendations of the editor… that didn’t happen here. I agreed with every suggestion he made. The only part that threw me was if all of the suggestions needed to be incorporated within the first couple of chapters or if I had appropriately addressed them later on.

I ended up holding off on making significant changes to the first couple chapters. I have mixed feelings about this. First. I tried. I really did try to go in and incorporate every change… but a small part of me was like I have this… it just wasn’t in the first few chapters. I wanted to give the full document a chance before I did some major restructuring. If the editor comes back and says… yeahhh…. all that still needs to be changed and oh yeah this stuff too… thats completely fine. I’ll do it. I guess I just wanted to be sure first.

In the meantime I really should be writing the second book. I’ve made some progress just not as much as I had planned or wanted. I’m still adjusting to returning to work and every time I think we are back in a good pattern we will all get sidelined by some bug (I tell you this cold/flu season… not fun). I want to have working first drafts done of the next two books by May though… so tick tick… and all that.

P.S. This post was written (in small spurts) last week. I’m kinda counting this as last weeks post even though I didn’t hit publish till this week;)


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