Moving forward.

Moving on to the second book has been….. interesting. AKA difficult.

I know where I want the book to go. I know all about the middle and end…. I just can’t figure out the beginning yet.

Normally this wouldn’t present so much of a problem. I would just write the end and middle sections and work my way back. For some reason that isn’t as easy this time as it normally is. I think partially because I already wrote a lot of those scenes (when the second book was initially the first) so now I just have a hot jumbled mess of mismatched work. Not my favorite way to work. It will come together (it always does….) but for the moment its making forward progress more difficult than I would prefer.

In other news: My developmental edit came back. Initially I wasn’t entirely sure if it would be worth it to be honest. I was on the fence. But I had a promotional rate and I was willing to try it….so I figured why not.

Overall…. I’m very impressed with the return. Granted this is my first developmental edit…. But the suggestions/points were very good. There were only a couple that I wasn’t 100% sure about. That said though, I think it’s important to take some time and make sure that I don’t agree with the suggestion. Sometimes it’s too easy to immediately dismiss an idea just because it wasn’t mine. I think that position would be a disservice to my writing overall.

I also liked this edit because it was a little bit of everything. Some light line editing, redundant words, suggestions on how better to word sections, character development, plot development, plot holes, and suggestions on how to increase the thriller vibe.

Final verdict: I would do it again. I won’t, however, be making the edits to the first book for probably a month. On paper anyways. I am learning that I work best by mentally working out decisions first. Sometimes that takes a little time. Once I finally figure out exactly what direction I want/need to head in… it is significantly easier to write the section that I need.


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