Is something. I admittedly know nothing little about. I’m working on it. Luckily, I find the process of reading release stories, forum posts, books and just about everything else related to writing pretty exciting. Or decently exciting anyways.

I’m slowly coming around to the idea of marketing. If you had asked me at the beginning of this journey (or if you go back and read earlier sections of this blog) you can see that this wasn’t always so. The entire concept seemed weird and forced. I mean if its a good book, people will read it right?

No. Wrong. A couple people might. If they can find it. The biggest thing I didn’t realize prior to publishing my first (minor failure :)) book. Is that, your book might be significantly harder for people to find than you think it is. As in impossible. Granted this depends on a few factors. For me I released as an unknown name in a super saturated genre. So. Yeah.

So this time. I am working on a plan. It’s as with most other things in this process… is a work in progress. The main part of this plan has involved trying to find reviewers and mailing lists that target thriller readers. One of the hardest parts of switching genres has been trying to find where a (mostly) new audience hangs out and what they like.

Oddly enough. I like thrillers. I grew up reading them. Which means I have significantly more background with the genre than I do young adult. My reading choices tend to come off the top 100 books available on Amazon though…. so not very helpful from a marketing aspect.

As I get closer to identifying a full marketing plan I’ll update here. For now. My process involves googling such search terms as “political thriller book review” attempting to find out where all of these readers hang out.



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