The before I publish plan.

Slightly ironic I suppose….. given the fact that my last book sold two copies (at last count)…. that I plan on going into this release with a full “professional” set up. Or as professional as a complete amateur can be I suppose.

However, through the last publishing process I learned a lot. And it might all be for nothing, and I might be completely delusional. But I have a better feeling about this upcoming release and whereas last time I questioned whether it was worth it to set up a “business” for my publishing… this time its pretty much a given.

Why? You ask. Or not… either way I will answer. Partly because I have a better plan and more patience going into this one. My general release plan is as follows.

  1. Write 3 books
  2. pre-order for first with paper back for reviews
  3. Publish all 3 within 90 days of each other
  4. Second two books will be on pre-order while the first book is live
  5. Release books into Kindle Unlimited
  6. Line up reviews and advanced reader copies prior to release (as much as possible)
  7. Professional, genre appropriate covers (from the start) and blurbs
  8. Plan out a selection of ads and mailing list promos
  9. Pricing TBD but will most likely be full price during pre-order with .99 period on launch at least for the first one

Still a lot of details to get figured out… mainly the advanced reader copies/reviews and mailing list promos. In the meantime there is a whole other list going on for setting up the business side of things. (One can never have too many lists….).

  1. Set up LLC
  2. P.O. Box
  3. Mailing list (probably the one thing I’m most on the fence about)
  4. Bank account
  5. Website, twitter, facebook, goodread, etc.

So. There you have it. The before I publish plan. Just so you have an idea on where I am with my progress….Book 1 is 90% done. Book 2 is 10% done. Book 3 is 0% done. I don’t plan on having book 2+3 completely done. I just want a solid rough draft going in. I’ll still have time to finish them out. As for books 4,5,6,7….. they are planned. Tentatively. It’s an open ended series. So it could go on for awhile. I don’t however, plan on keeping a every 90 day schedule for those (at this time). Why? Because I value my sanity and my family. I might be able to pull it off. In which case I will do it. But, mentally I can’t wrap my head around a book every 90 days for an extended period of time. So for now. I’ll start with 3 and see how it goes.



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