Taking care of business.

Slowly. Very slowly. Things are getting done.

Mail chimp. Check.

Perhaps you noticed this? Were annoyed by this? Quickly clicked “x” and hope to never see it again? All possible. And I won’t take it personal. As someone whose email inbox regularly hovers over 10,000 (yes it’s disgusting. I know)…. adding to someone else’s inbox was really the last thing I had in mind. Besides I still question the effectiveness. But who knows. Whatever. I did it. So at least I can feel accomplished for the day.

Cover. In progress.

I may or may not be annoying my cover designer? I’m not sure. I don’t think so? I hope not anyways. This book has been slightly more complicated than I originally anticipated. The Lily books were easy. The artwork… once I found it was just right. It was also a simple genre in comparison though. This book… well…. it’s a political thriller. Except it’s funny. And set in the future. And apocalyptic, and historical fiction, and conspiracy… all in one. I promise. It’s entertaining. And fun. But it does make the cover experience…. well interesting. I’ll keep you posted.

Blurb. Half done. Donish?

A long buried secret. A persistent archeologist. And a dangerous covert organization…

Smithsonian archaeologist, Roslin Williams gets an amazing opportunity to excavate the site where the White House once stood hundreds of years ago.

When the excavation begins, Roslin stumbles upon a shocking find—the Air Force One plane containing human remains and a mysterious briefcase, which only leads to more questions than answers…

The televised dig immediately attracts the attention of a powerful shadow organization intent on ensuring the secrets contained within Air Force One remain buried, and a assassin is dispatched to eliminate Roslin.

After she is attacked, Mark Appleton, a former Secret Service Agent, is hired to watch over her, but Appleton realizes with Roslin’s life in danger, there’s no one they can trust.

As the layers of betrayal and deception are slowly peeled away, a scandalous cover-up is revealed that will have worldwide repercussions. Together, Appleton and Roslin embark on a perilous journey to outrun the evil forces allied against them in order to unravel this ancient conspiracy. And unless they can avoid the sinister adversary who shadows their every move—this volatile, ancient truth will remain hidden forever.

In all of it’s current glory. I think it will go through a few more edits, but I’m actually pretty happy with it at the moment. I totally took the easy way out with this by the way and hired someone. And I would do it again. Not even a question.

The book.

Details. Details… In my defense it’s mostly done. I will completely finish it after I finish the next two books in the series. Why…. well so glad you asked. Part. Because I needed a break from book one. Part. Because I figure if things go super crazy in the next couple of books and I need to change something in book one that it will be easier…. Part. Because I want to? I don’t know. Because I can?

Really all of the above but I think it’s mostly because as it turns out I detest editing. Hm.

The next books.

I’m behind on book two. Haven’t even started book three. I’m not worried about my self-imposed deadline yet… I think. I’ll check the calendar and get back to you on that one….









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